...I leaned back into Stef at the opening of the session. And, I surrendered. I felt the grief from all the days, months, years I've felt unsupported. And, there I was, in full trust. Completely supported. I wasn't afraid. I was held. She floated me. I trusted the flow completely. Within seconds of the enormous rush of grief, I was at peace. And, I was completely safe.

...Next day session three. This time in the middle of the day, sunny. It was very nice everytime I came to the surface this time, with closed eyes, I could see everything orange and yellow, shades of light red and dark orange furthest away from the sun, then as I took the long deep breath before being turned down into water colors became blue and green while being upside down.
Stef  felt the relaxedness in me and we both noticed how I could hold my breath very long now, just letting out slowly but certain one by one small air bubble. Holding it, keeping the air with this calm and stillness.
Sometimes things felt funny, in a good way. Had to laugh a little when I came to the surface. Stef both push, pulls, shakes and moves me, sometimes holding me hands, sometimes the feets. hips, legs or body. I had many thoughts about healing.

...At the beginning of the session, I actually had a little trouble relaxing into the massage and felt a little short of breath. Stef  told me that this was because the water was a little warmer than usual and probably because I had a subconscious fear of letting go of the control of my body. I took a brief break to hop out of the pool and dunk myself into one of the cold spring pools to calm and cool my body down, and then afterwards returned to the Watsu session. Following the quick break I was able to finally let myself relax, and I then entered one of the most surreal experiences of my life.

...I closed my eyes and surrendered to the movement, the music… and curiously felt a rising of emotion moving through me like a tide, carrying along old thoughts and memories, very old feelings from a long time ago. They just rose and rose and rose… and then dissipated, leaving me limp with wonder and peace. It was a strangely intimate and yet incredibly private experience

...On the Spa web site, it was written that it was impossible to describe Watsu because the treatments vary from person to person, based on the physical ailments or issues they are experiencing, their comfort in the water, how motion affects them, etc.



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